Digital adverstising and information carriers

Outdoor DOOH (Digital Out Of Home) media installations are our specialty supported by a number of innovative implementations. At this range, we offer comprehensive service – from consulting at the early stage of work, through the selection of technology, product design, to media integration and installation at the destination.

We also offer ongoing technical support in the field of digital media network maintenance. Thanks to proprietary solutions such as tele-controllers and the Media Manager platform, we monitor carriers, prevent failures, reduce defects and manage broadcast content in real time.

Types of media on offer:

  • Dynamic Backlight
  • Backlight and Cityscroll
  • Free-standing LED screens
  • Wall-mounted LCD and LED screens
  • LCD screens with WiFi access


Advertising, navigation and information kiosks

We specialise in the implementation of digital products that change the face of communication in commercial space and public places. We offer solutions for shopping malls, showrooms, hotels, restaurants, museums, airports, railway stations and petrol stations.

We offer ready-made products such as advertising totems and multimedia kiosks, as well as solutions designed according to individual customer needs. We implement totems and kiosks with various parameters and functions, including primarily advertising, navigation and information kiosks.

Also, we install LED and LCD screens in such spaces as shopping arcades, interiors of shops, hotels and restaurants, car dealerships, office centres and medical facilities. We advise on the selection of the optimal type of media, design the support structure and install the screen at the destination.

We integrate all products based on proprietary hardware solutions, such as players, tele-controllers and routers. Thanks to this, we remotely diagnose carriers, prevent failures and ensure stability in the most challenging conditions. Proprietary software, the Media Manager platform, allows us to manage thousands of screens in real time.

Types of media on offer:

  • Advertising totems
  • Multimedia kiosks
  • LCD and LED screens
  • Transparent LED screens


Solutions for Digital Signage

We offer specialised hardware solutions that optimise the operation of Digital Signage products, ensure their reliability and increase efficiency. We offer only proprietary solutions designed for Digital Signage devices, proven in many installations in the most challenging conditions. Our products include telemetry controllers, industrial routers, temperature sensors, USB chargers, interactive buttons, as well as beacons.

For the needs of the outdoor advertising market, we have developed an intelligent LED matrix control system called Dynamic Backlight.
In the project we used FPGA programmable logic processors. The implementation of this solution has completely changed traditional functioning of statically backlit backlight and lightbox media. Dynamic Backlight has been awarded in the Innovation 2018 competition as the most innovative advertising format of 2017.

We manufacture telemetry controllers that provide wireless diagnostics and control of Digital Signage systems at various scales. Large functional and configuration possibilities of these devices enable their easy integration with existing systems, without interfering with the existing ICT infrastructure. Thanks to GSM controllers and modules that are responsible for the transmission of information, it is possible to fully control the status of a given device and other paired devices. Our controllers are also equipped with a watch-dog function, as well as innovative algorithms that minimise the demand for electricity.

Hardware solutions on offer:

  • telemetry controllers
  • industrial routers
  • environment monitor sensor
  • intelligent LED matrix –a dynamic backlight type
  • intelligent USB chargers
  • interactive buttons integrated with Media Manager
  • beacons


Media Manager 2.0 for Digital Signage media

We develop proprietary Media Manager software to manage both individual Digital Signage devices and complex networks of various media. The Media Manager platform, due to integration with hardware solutions such as telemetry controllers and sensors of environmental conditions, collects detailed diagnostic data, informs about irregularities, and also enables content management according to innovative models defined by time and viewership.

Thanks to a transparent dashboard, the Media Manager platform allows you to manage all parameters of digital media precisely. The system constantly monitors the operation of devices, informs about their workload, temperature and humidity, sends alerts in case of failure, and also enables remote technical interventions.

Also, Media Manager means the possibility to programme media content based on detailed guidelines of media houses, outdoor advertising agencies or television stations. The emitted content may depend on the scale of the impact of a given medium, its location and traffic volume in its immediate surroundings.

Proprietary software solutions:

  • Media Manager 2.0


Interactive fun and education zones

Fun zones have become an important element of the equipment of shopping malls, showrooms, service points, restaurants and hotels. An attractive form of entertainment offered to children in places where parents run errands significantly increases the quality of consumer experience. Children’s area means greater comfort, satisfaction and loyalty of adult clients.

We offer an original product called ZooZone, whose strength is a combination of fun and education. Discovering the world in a spontaneous way is a source of the greatest fun for children. The essence of the product is interactive educational games created in cooperation with educators. The games stimulate the development of specific skills, such as differentiating colours, the ability to concentrate, the ability to think logically or to learn English words – and it’s happening through play.

ZooZone is a plug and play product. The 32” touch screen built into the symbolic shape of an animal requires only a power connection. The product’s housing is made of hygienic and durable acrylic.
Thanks to this, the product is safe for children, yet easy to clean and resistant to mechanical damage.

Each ZooZone is integrated with an external database with the use of SIM cards. This allows us to offer our clients many additional functions such as big data regarding user preferences or competitions for children.
By playing the games, users can collect points, and when they have the required amount, collect prizes e.g. at the cash register or at the shopping centre information point.

We offer ready-made products in three different variants, i.e. standing-by-the-wall, hanging and free-standing ZooZone, as well as projects for individual customer orders. We also provide comprehensive arrangements of play zones and children’s corners using touch screens and other multimedia.

Learn more from YouTube recordings and Issuu catalogues:

ZooZone is available in three variants:

  • Standing-by-the-wall option with 32″ touch screen
  • Hanging version with 32″ touch screen
  • Double-sided free-standing variant with 32″ screens
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